The selfies of PSY male idol who’s an elementary school student received a lot of negative reactions from foreign K-pop fans

Abroad, their perception of child labor is more sensitive than ours

In fact, many child stars have been taken advantage of and ruined by the greed of adults

original post: theqoo

1. What does PSY want to do with him?ㅜㅜ What is he really doing with a child?

2. I was shocked when I first saw him.. How can they debut a child?

3. I really don’t understand what PSY is trying to do

4. I wonder how old he is, but the comments say he is 13 years old, is it true?

5. His parents are so greedy, what the hell is PSY thinking?

6. No, he’s just a kid… I think I should give him some pocket money…

7. Seriously, who is in charge of his life?

8. It’s weird.. I don’t see anyone reacting positively to this, so why is PSY still debuting him?

9. Seriously, he’s still too young….

10. How old were NCT’s kids when they were revealed in 2013? He looks younger than them