The serious health condition of Oh My Girl Jiho

The serious health condition of Oh My Girl Jiho

‘Queendom’ girl group survival show + comeback + upcoming events + concerts

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1. Ah … Unfortunately, I understand, but to cancel the concert is not possible.

2. If you are injured or sick, should you take a break? You need to protect your health.

3. The agency doesn’t just schedule but doesn’t care about the health of the members … What are they doing?

4. What is wrong with her body????? I think she should be hospitalized for a few days.

5. Let’s take a rest. The agency needs to consider the status of the members before the concert.

6. Oh my god ㅠㅠㅠㅠ What’s wrong with her so? I think she had a hard time with her schedule.

7. Even if you can’t cancel the concert, please give her some time to rest…

8. Her health looks so bad, but the management company doesn’t seem to care about their artist’s condition.

9. Oh, what to do with her? Stay healthy before you want to do anything. Management company, please take care of your artist.

10. What should I do … Seems serious

11. She needs to get rid of this event …. Is it too late to cancel the concert?

12. Let her rest. Health is the first priority. No matter how much money is not important…

12. Oh My Girl is working like real cows

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