The singers who are the top of the music industry, are seen through the eyes of music experts

Boy group: BTS

Sports Chosun’s survey: 94/100 points

Sports Seoul’s survey: 141/150 points

Female solo artist: IU

Sports Chosun’s survey: 74/100 points

Sports Seoul’s survey: 115/150 points

Girl group: TWICE

Sports Chosun’s survey: 83/100 points

Sports Seoul’s survey: 111/150 points

The male solo artist section was eliminated because there were no singers who were dominant in the survey

original post: theqoo

1. Those who still can’t admit BTS should put their hands on their chest and wake up

2. Who is the top if not BTS? EXO?

3. I’m sure TWICE is the top girl group of the 3rd generation

4. When it comes to the top male solo artist, I think it’s Taemin

5. Kang Daniel, Baekhyun, Zico,.. there are too many top male solo artists

6. I agree

7. Zico for male solo artist

8. TWICE??? They can’t even sing their own songs????

9. I agree with IU.. She’s the best

10. Kids who don’t admit this, I really wonder who they think is the top…

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