The stage where BTS has performed in the US so far



America’s Got Talent

Good Morning America

Jimmy Kimmel

New Years Rockin’ Eve

Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show

The late late show with James Corden

Ellen Show

Secret Show


I’m proud.

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1.[+255, -1] Now remaining Grammy?

2. [+232, -0] It’s a big stadium, they will break it, Grammy

3. [+167, -0] They worked very hard

4. [+88, -0] Billboard … is a real hit … the power of Army

5. [+70, -0]

There are no other groups
I think they are really popular in the US.
Although BTS is very popular as an artist, Kpop itself is not famous.
Don’t think Kpop is popular
Only BTS is popular and famous.

6. [+63, -0] Billboard, AMAs, and SNL are extremely large stages. Not everyone can stand there…