The most legendary scene-stealer. What are they doing?

The T-Bird gains critics for their behaviour when Mamamoo receive their trophy on Music Bank

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1.Seriously, though.. What are they doing?ㅋㅋㅋ

2. Hul.. Who are they?
ㄴA group called The T-Bird..

3. What the..? That’s so absurd..

4. ??? They weren’t even originally standing behind Mamamoo. Why did they went over there and do that..?

5. Do they need some attention..? What in the world are they doing..?

6. But why did the camera slightly zoom out to film them..?

7. Are they from the same company..? They’re not, right..?

8. Is the guy in blue, the one who knelt and gave the flower bouquet, from the same group with those two other guys..?

9. That’s seriously so random.. What are they trying to do there..?

10. Did they do that on purpose..?

11. Okay, the guy who knelt could be tolerated. But what about the other two guys who bumped Wheein and made the girls look uncomfortable..??

12. I thought they were really random when I watched the live show.. And now you’re saying that these two groups are not related in any way..? Hul..ㅋㅋㅋ

13. Seems like they even bumped Wheein a little bit..

14. Did they do that do get their name out there..?

15. Hmm.. Are they rookies..? Don’t they know that such thing can cause a big controversy..?

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