The track list for GFriend’s new album as if Bang Si Hyuk is declaring that GFriend is his daughter

“hitman” bang = Bang Si Hyuk

Bang Si Hyuk wrote the lyrics for the first and last song in the album

original post: theqoo

1. Wow Adora also participated in this album

2. So NU’EST and Seventeen?

3. Source Music is the label of Big Hit. He can help them because he’s a famous musician.

4. So GFriend’s music style will disappear..?

5. Adora participated in this album. I’m looking forward to GFriend’s songs because Adora is the talented female producer of Big Hit. Adora is amazing!!!

6. The headline is scary, why are you doing this? You want to get negative comments below this post..?

7. Bang Si Hyuk is a musician and he’s just doing his job. I’m looking forward to GFriend’s album.

8. I don’t think Source Music is an independent label. Anyway, Big Hit’s opinion may affect the label, right?

9. Bang Si Hyuk produces songs for groups other than Big Hit groups. Why can’t he produce songs for GFriend?

10. I thought you were talking about Bang Si Hyuk’s girlfriend.

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