The truth behind the puppy on EXO Sehun’s Instagram

A couple was taking care of the dog and broke up so he took the dog in since the dog had nowhere to go….

Sehun is warm…

original post: pann

1. [+360, -4] Wow but shouldn’t one person in that couple take the responsibility to raise the dog? Sehun, please be blessed….

2. [+296, -3] Take me for a walk too

3. [+155, -2] I’m a fan of another group but to be honest, his impression is so strong so I got a scary and strong vibe from him but he’s unexpectedly a good person… Also that couple has no conscience. If you raise the dog when you feel like it, you should take the responsibility until the end

4. [+134, -1] I just watched that YouTube video now and he looks like someone who has a deep heart and someone who’s warm. He’s worth his handsome face. Even when his face is covered with this mask and beanie, he still looks so handsome

5. [+118, -1] Oh Sehun is a warm person..ㅠ

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