The truth of the post was written by Stray Kids Hyunjin’s former teacher

Previously on February 26th, a poster claiming to be Hyunjin’s former teacher wrote a statement defending the idol in the midst of bullying allegations.

The office of education says, “The said school cannot verify the identity of the anonymous poster who reported to media outlets because there is no teacher who has been continuously teaching at the school since 2014. And further, the school said they can’t confirm if this person was a teacher at the school back in 2014.”

The office of education concluded, “The office of education is sorry to notify that we do not have authorities or means to deduce the identity of the tipper. We instead promise to strictly respond according to the guidelines once the identity of the tipper is revealed and if he violated the law. The office of education will continue to strive for preventing school bullyings in schools within our district.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. I guess a fan or agency impersonated his former teacher

2. Why do reporters write articles without checking the facts??

3. Seems like one fan wrote the novel

4. Of course, I don’t think that teacher is still working at that school… How did the media get interviews with that teacher??? There is no way the teacher can voluntarily accept the interview

5. Well, maybe a fan did that?

6. A media company like Osen publishes an article without even identifying the informant?

7. Osen, JYP, please explain this

8. The information from the school board doesn’t prove or disprove anything. It still could or could not be a former teacher

9. Osen should explain this

10. All agencies are the same. They are really ugly

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