The two members of the next boy group that are likely to be pushed by Big Hit…

Leo 2002

Sangwon 2003

The two of them seem to be in Hyungline

In particular, Leo is good at both rapping and singing and he can compose, so he seems to be an important member

original post: theqoo

1. Leo looks like Yeonjun and Sangwon looks like Taehyun

2. The two of them have faces that Big Hit likesㅋㅋㅋ

3. Big Hit? Why do their boy groups keep debuting?

4. Are there any Japanese members in this group?

5. The first member’s vocal and visuals are my taste… I’m so happy

6. The second one looks like a mix of Jungkook and J-Hope

7. The first one looks like Yeonjun + V

8. The two of them are so handsome

9. I think I know Big Hit’s favorite visuals..

10. Do they reveal their trainee life??

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