The visual idol who looks more like an actress than an actual actress

The lyrics are convincing

For real, she’s a queen… ITZY Yuna..

original post: theqoo

1. Wow her face is crazy.. These are legendary pictures

2. Yuna is the future of K-pop…!!!!

3. I think if Han Ye Seul were an idol, she would have this vibe… She’s so f*cking pretty

4. It’s like her lyrics “I’m more of an actress than an actress herself”

5. She looks like Amanda Seyfried, she’s f*cking pretty

6. She looks like a villain from a drama, but you can’t hate her because of her visuals

7. Wow, she looks a bit like Lee Se Young, an actress who is appearing in dramas these days

8. She’s been pretty since her debut, but she’s gotten prettier as time goes by

9. She’s so pretty, her physique is good, she’s good at dancing, her facial expressions are good, she’s good at sports and she’s even young

10. At first glance, I thought she was Han Ye Seul….