The visual standards of TWICE members who aren’t designated visual members






Even if the 5 of them are visual members, I still believe itㅋㅋㅋㅋ

The visual members are generally considered to be NaSaMiTzu

All 9 of them are visual members…

How can all 9 of them are pretty without any visual holes..?
They are just a field of flowers

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1. [+383, -131] Isn’t Chaeyoung a visual member? It’s just because she’s not mentioned much, but she’s so pretty

2. [+289, -48] I’m a fan of another group but I always wonder why Jeongyeon is not mentioned as a visual. She’s tall, has a small face and is so pretty

3. [+232, -59] I’m not lying, they are all pretty, but Chaeyoung is so pretty in real life,,,, After seeing her in real life, Chaeyoung was my bias

4. [+142, -9] Aren’t all TWICE members visual members? Seriously, they’re all pretty, “pretty kid next to pretty kid” is from TWICE

5. [+141, -152] The members are all visual members except for Dahyun

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