The waiting room for actors vs the waiting room for singers was prepared by MAMA


Waiting in car / Idol uses phone flash to make up and staff waits outdoors

original post: theqoo

1. Well, it’s good that my favorite group didn’t attendㅋㅋㅋ

2. Damn, is Mnet crazy…?

3. The singers make all the money for Mnet trash, but looking at the way Mnet treated them, it’s dirty and disgusting..

4. No, but BTS is also treated the same way?? Mnet is trash

5. I hate Mnet. They always invite actors to the awards ceremony where singers are the main characters

6. So BTS waited for more than 5 hours outdoors..? Mnet is crazy

7. I’m so sad that my idols are being treated like that, damn

8. What? Why are actors being provided waiting rooms while singers have to wait in cars? Who is the main character?

9. This is really weird, what the hell did Mnet think?

10. They use idols to make money and spend money on actorsㅋㅋ

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