The way Japanese television introduces IZ*ONE

The way Japanese television introduces IZ*ONE

Introduced as a group produced by Akimoto
Not a K-pop girl group

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1. It’s true in Japan, so … That’s not wrong. In Japan, Akimoto produces songs for IZ*ONE

2. Akimoto produces the songs and writes the lyrics.

3. Therefore, I could not listen to IZ*ONE’s Japanese songs…

4. From the beginning, IZ*ONE is the combination of K-pop and J-pop, so it’s not clear whether they are K-pop or J-pop girl group.

5. However, IZONE is a group produced by Korea and it’s promoted as a K-pop group outside of Japanㅋㅋ Is there anything different in Japan?… In Japan, IZONE is a J-pop group?

6. That’s not wrong … Japanese songs are produced by Akimoto.

7. Producer when promoting in Korea = Han Sung Soo. Producer when promoting in Japan = Yasushi Akimoto. This was announced before the start of Produce 48. What’s the problem?

8. IZ*ONE is not a Kpop group but the combination of Korea and Japan. I don’t think the introduction of IZ*ONE like that is wrong.

9. Is it a Korean-Japanese group from the beginning? K-pop group in Korea and J-pop group in Japan

10. They told us from episode 1, In Korea, produced by Han Sung Soo and in Japan, produced by Akimoto. What are you doing?

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