The weirdest part of Red Velvet Zimzalabim’s choreography

The weirdest part of Red Velvet Zimzalabim's choreography

The choreography doesn’t even look good, it looks tired ..

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1.Why is choreographer created difficult choreography for members who can’t dance?

2. They can’t dance and their outfits are weird.

3. They are a girl group, but the choreography is not very good. Why are you choreographing like this?

4. Joy has long arms and legs, so she looks good.

5. Seulgi looks good, but the choreography itself is not good and weird.

6. There are 3 members who can’t dance …

7. I wonder why Wendy is the center of this part.

8. The choreography is weird, it’s not good, it’s just funny.

9. 3 members in the middle really can’t dance.

10. I don’t want to put this dance on the choreography. It’s not bad, it’s just funny.

11. If you cut GIF like this, it looks weird. But watching the choreography through the video looks good

12. Who is choreographer? Huh ..

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