The wreath in front of SM’s new office building has disappeared

The fans sent wreaths after a member posted praising the Chinese Communist Party

In front of the new office building the next morning

Where did the wreaths go?

original post: instiz

1. But is it okay to put wreaths at the entrance of the station like that?

2. It’s a public place, so it’s only natural to remove it…?

3. But they got the approval from the station

4. Well… SM is crazy

5. If it was installed with the permission of the station, who removed it…

6. Regardless of the result, NCT fans did so well.. You guys worked hard…

7. I support the fans, you guys did well

8. Seriously, SM is the worst…

9. They installed it with permission, but if SM removes it, isn’t it stealing?

10. SM is obsessed with China

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