There are 67M searches for BTS on YouTube monthly, the most searched members is Jungkook

BTS: 67M Searches on YouTube Per Month
BTS are arguably THE most popular K-pop band in the world right now. AKA The Bangtan Boys, they are a 7-piece boy band founded in Seoul in 2013, and while they are smashing records across the world as a group, there is also intense interest on YouTube for each member of the band. In order of popularity, here are the BTS boys being searched for on YouTube each month:


original post: theqoo

1. V is not popular? I’m surprised.

2. I think people often search for V as Taehyung or BTS V

3. Looking at the number of searches for BTS is crazy …

4. It looks like this statistic is not reliable. I think V is very popular but he only ranks 7

5. V hard to search, so I don’t search with V, instead I search like BTS V or Taehyung.

6. Oh, I also search for V’s fancam, but not V but Taehyung.

7. BTS is very famous abroad …

8. It’s hard to search with V, I think foreign fans often search for BTS V. That’s why he ranks 7.

9. I don’t know if it’s true or not. After BTS concert in Japan. V has topped Japan’s search rankings, but the rankings in Google are declining.

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