There are more people than expected at the Chen quitting protest

There are more people than expected at the Chen quitting protest

Looking at the people throwing out their goods, I realized how many true fans Chen has

The fans who turn their backs are the scariest

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1. [+573, -12] If they’re not real fans, do you really think they would go out on a cold day like this? I’m a fan of another group but there are fans who don’t want to leave the fandom, but they’re there to protect EXO in their own way. Of course, different people have different opinions. This is the best they could do, I really can understand how they feel being there, so I feel bad for them.

2. [+459, -7] What’s even scarier than antis is the true fans are turning their backs… For real… I can understand why they’re mad

3. [+366, -6] EXO is well known to have a strong core fandom, so to go out like that, it has to be severe, but this is not even the worst, they could do worse than that.

4. [+271, -2] Hyuna and Edawn had to leave their company, Edawn even left his group because of their public relationship. Although they continued to live as singers, they had to give up the path their company had set for them. Why don’t you understand EXO fans and swear at them? The one who is affecting the group is Chen, should he leave EXO and solo? Why do EXO fans need to nurture the man who got married? No way

5. [+172, -3] They’re really core fans who spend a lot of money on EXO and spend a lot of time with EXO. The other people can mock them for what they’re doing, but EXO can’t mock or ignore them.

6. [+137, -7] I’m an ARMY, and I’m sorry for giving my opinion as a fan of another group, but to the kid who’s claiming that EXO-Ls are ashamed so they hide their faces, they don’t hide their faces because they’re embarrassed. That’s because EXO’s international fans are taking secret pictures of them.

7. [+93, -1] I’m a fan of another group, but I don’t understand why Chen didn’t leave. He’s getting married due to pre-marital pregnancy. I feel bad for the fansㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ So why did Wonder Girls’ Sunye, Crayon Pop’s Soyul, and Raboom’s Yulhee leave their group when they got married?.. Why is he so blatant? Is he trying to ruin his group?

8. [+93, -3] Why are muggles mocking them. Did you spend money on EXO?

9. [+51, -3] Muggles mocked them because they only found 7 people. But there were more fans than that.

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