This happens when Chinese capital enters the drama

In the seventh episode of ‘True Beauty’ that aired on January 6th, the female lead character Lim Joo Kyung discovered the male lead character Lee Soo Ho sitting at a bus stop.

In that scene, a large advertisement for a Chinese e-commerce website was posted at the bus stop.

In the same episode, Lim Joo Kyung and Kang Soo Jin went to the convenience store showing various advertisement posters for Chinese products.

Also, the two characters sat down to have Chinese instant noodles as the drama showed the logo and the name of the product. cr

original post: theqoo

1. I don’t know if this is a Chinese drama or a Korean drama

2. This is just a Chinese drama

3. Foreigners who are not from Asian countries will mistake Korea for China

4. Every time I see this, I get annoyed. CJ is the main culprit in destroying Korea

5. There’s too much product placement

6. Foreigners who don’t know will think that Chinese products are so popular in Korea

7. This is really the problem.. More problem because it’s China. They always say that Korean culture is theirs

8. I thought it was a Chinese drama

9. What is this, they ruined the drama

10. Oh damn, I’m watching a Chinese drama..??

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