The link for the love of Kang Daniel and Jihyo is Im Seulong … The most beautiful ‘The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd’ couple of idols

This is how Kang Daniel and TWICE Jihyo know each other

Kang Daniel and Jihyo got to know each other through Im Seulong, and eventually started their relationship earlier in 2019.

This is how Kang Daniel and TWICE Jihyo know each other

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1. [+3689, -288] I’ve seen so many incidents in the entertainment industry this year, so it’s not a bad thing, and it’s natural for an idol to be in love in his 20s, so I’d like to congratulate him.

2. [+2923, -84] Kang Daniel asked Seulong to introduce Jihyo to him first. Why are you so angry with Seulong?

3. [+1419, -40] Why are you cursing Seulong?ㅋㅋ Dating is the decision of the two of them.

4. [+1173, -46] Seulong said that Kang Daniel contacted him first.

5. [+422, -14] Kang Daniel really doesn’t seem to be able to self-control. When can I see you as a musician? It’s not long since your debut that you’ve had a series of scandals and gossip.

6. [+345, -1] Kangta “Thank you guys”

7. [+202, -14] Kang Daniel .. I love you, but you just debuted solo. You should focus on your work … a lot of fans have been waiting for you … I’m a little disappointed as a fan of Kang Daniel.

8. [+189, -7] I wish you could put aside your personal greed and work with your fans to have a more solid future. Just as Kang Daniel is not good enough for his fans. I hope you’re in a good relationship and that many fans are leaving.

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