The group title song that I think is the best song this year

This is the girl group's best title song this year

OH MY GIRL – The fifth season (SSFWL)

original post: theqoo

1. I really like ‘The fifth season’

2. The song is really good. Besides, all the members are pretty and their outfits are beautiful.

3. All Oh My Girl’s songs are good! I feel sorry that they are not so famous …

4. I have listened to this song many times, and the song is really good. I like this concept, and their choreography too.

5. This song is the best song among girl groups this year.

6. Good song and their stage outfits are very beautiful.

7. I have no intention of comparing them to another girl group, but this song is the best this year.

8. I overheard this song and continue to listen to it in my playlist. That is ‘The fifth season’. The song is good, something sweet and fresh.

9. That’s right, I clicked on this post while thinking about Oh My Girl.

10. Good song, I continue to listen to it.

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