This is the wrong gif of BTS Jungkook that’s being circulated in communities

People were claiming that Jungkook was mocking Han Ye Seul for having a nose piercing, but if you watched the video, in the first part, he’s saying “She has a nose piercing” and was very intrigued by it, but he absolutely meant no disrespect.

This is the wrong gif of BTS Jungkook that's being circulated in communities

If you look at his mouth, he’s saying “Oh it must’ve hurt”

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1. [+419, -4] I seriously pity him. People are ruining each other because they’re in a place where they can’t be seen as if it’s nothing big, I hope those people will receive the same treatment.

2. [+383, -4] Looks like there are kids who want to go to the police station at the beginning of the year

3. [+371, -5] Only Korea treats Bangtan like thisㅋㅋ They create some facts without proofs and spread it everywhere Twitter, while journalists would pull those rumors from male idol communities.

4. [+208, -1] I’m not even a Bangtan fan and I think he was just fidgeting his nose;;;;; I don’t understand why people still drag him even after 2 days? Just focus on loving your bias, I can’t understand why you’re trying to ruin other idols.

5. [+186, -4] Those who want to wear a crown, must bear its weight… The standard seems too high for Bangtan. I feel bad for them.

6. [+53, -1] Do journalists who write articles about malicious rumors should be punished? They’re really doing everything for money.

7. [+45, -0] That’s why I feel so sorry for the idols. In just 3 seconds, a lot of people analyze each of their gestures.. If I were an idol I would have depression.

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