This law is only for BTS? Opposition to the new military postponement law for popular culture artists

The Korea Music Content Association (KMCA) stated they filed a written objection against the revised military service law that is set to take effect on June 23, 2021.

KMCA, which has led the K-Pop industry, has submitted the objection on behalf of the 26 agencies that are registered with the association. They stated, “KMCA along with 26 member agencies request that the Military Service Act contribute to the development of K-pop and the enhancement of the national prestige.”

According to the revision of the Military Service Act, popular culture artists can postpone their enlistment until the age of 30 with the requirements that the individuals must be recommended by the Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism among the recipients of the Order of Cultural Merit.

The association says it is unreasonable that the only way to qualify to postpone the enlistment is to be a recipient of the Order of Cultural Merit. KMCA stated, “It is not reasonable to base the qualification on the Order of Cultural Merit. It is nearly impossible for individuals who are in their twenties to receive the Order of Cultural Merit because one of the criteria for this medal is that the individual must have been active in the field of pop culture and art for more than fifteen years.”

The association continued to explain, “which means the K-pop artists who start their activities in their late teens must be at least in their 20s to be eligible to receive the merit. Therefore, they cannot meet the ordinance that allows them to postpone their enlistment until the age of 30 and the revised law is of no use.” cr

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