Ticket price for TWICE Olympic Gymnastics Arena concert in December has just been revealed

132,000 won
The last day concert will be live-streamed on Beyond Live

They say the ticket price is expensive
For reference, the ticket price was 121,000 won in 2019, so it didn’t increase much

original post: theqoo

1. In 2019 I paid 124,800 won to go to KSPO Dome concert.. It doesn’t seem expensive, but anyway, I want to go to TWICE’s concert

2. I think this price is fine

3. I don’t care about the ticket price, but I was surprised by their costumes on the poster, don’t they trust the TWICE members’ faces too much?

4. It’s much cheaper than NU’EST’s ticket price.. Pledis and HYBE have no conscience.. Seriously, damn

5. I want to go to TWICE’s concert on Christmas….

6. Honestly, the ticket prices of concerts in Korea are very cheap

7. The ticket price is good. I want to go to TWICE’s concert because I want to see Sana in real life

8. I think the poster is… so bad…

9. I’m so jealous of TWICE’s fans

10. I really want to go there ㅠㅠ I think it will be fun