‘Love Game FM’ Tiger JK “BTS RM, contact me first to join the album”

Tiger JK "BTS RM, contact me first to join the album"

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1.[+170, -1] That’s a warm relationship. I hope you will continue to have a good relationship with RM.

2. [+64, -2] BTS RM, is a loyal and wonderful person.

3. [+25, -0] This sends true supportive relationship. Talent TigerJK supporting another talent RM.

4. [+21, -2] This is so precious and you can tell how much RM cherishes the relationship he has with Tiger JK.

5. [+12, -0] Deep thinking RM.. BTS leader who cherish any love..

6. [+8, -1] There aren’t many artists who are really talented and good personality. That’s why I like BTS.

7. [+7, -0] Personality is very important. That’s great. He’s not being arrogant. He wants to be better

8. [+7, -0] Why is BTS so good?

9. [+6, -0] I hope your relationship continues.

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