To be honest, wasn’t SuperM’s Jopping a solid song?

I’ve always cringed at SM songs but this song really took all the dopeness in this world, especially Mark’s part in the second half of the song;;

If you haven’t seen the stage video, be sure to watch it! It was great

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1. [+245, -15] SuperM was seriously solid, they raised the standard

2. [+215, -15] Mark’s triangle part with Kai’s expression in the music video really made me want to cry

3. [+199, -13] I liked it so much

4. [+188, -0] I’m an EXO-L but Mark’s part was so cool, the song was good and don’t focus on the lyrics when listening to the song, just enjoy their visuals and performances with the flow of music. SM performances always gives good high notes

5. [+145, -0] I liked Mark, Kai, and Taeyong’s part the most

6. [+120, -4] SM standard…. It was good but the coolest parts had to be Mark’s rap and Baekhyun’s high notes

7. [+94, -0] Baekhyun, Mark / Kai, Taeyong, Lucas / Taemin, Ten. Even if you divide them like this, you know that they are really solid;; F*cking good

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