Today, BTS concert in Japan

Today, BTS concert in Japan
Today, BTS concert in Japan

BTS concert in Japan has just ended
They will do the same thing again tomorrow

Today, BTS concert in Japan

Japanese fans want to buy BTS‘s goods across the mountain in hot weather like an autoclave.

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1. There is no border in culture!

2. BTS also ranked # 1 on Oricon

3. I wonder what it will look like if I sit in the last row.

4. BTS is getting more and more popular, I envy the fans there.

5. How many people are there? The left, right and around the stage are all filled.

6. BTS is really great ..

7. It’s great to be able to earn yen in a tense atmosphere these days

8. Looks cool.

9. They had a good concert, don’t mention politics in BTS posts.

10. Wow … looks great

11. My Japanese friend went to see BTS’s concert and it was fun.

12. I’m proud of BTS

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