Today’s Kento Nakajima reminds me of BTS V


Kento Nakajima

original post: theqoo

1. Even the same choreographer can’t be the same, not only moving but also having such a concept. If you watch the video, it’s a stage of Fake love.

2. Is it just a cover? It’s the same

3. Even the same choreographer … Why did you give the same choreography to another song?

4. Whether the choreography is the same or not, the concept is the same, it’s plagiarism.

5. Isn’t it more embarrassing to be the same choreographer?

6. Choreographer is not a problem, but even the concept stage is like Fake Love. I’m a BTS fan and I’m sure about that…

7. The choreography is the same~ There are many parts that remind me of Fake Love of BTS

8. Oh, they have no conscience.

9. Why are you not ashamed? Where is your conscience?

10. A choreographer can sell choreography to others. What the hell?

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