TOP 10 female idols selected by lesbian, bisexuality

10. Red Velvet Joy

9. Cosmic Girls Bona

8. Red Velvet Wendy

7. Mamamoo Hwasa

6. Mamamoo Solar

5. Mamamoo Wheein

4. Cosmic Girls SeolA

3. Mamamoo Moonbyul

2. Red Velvet Irene

1.Red Velvet Seulgi


original post: theqoo

1.These are disruptive girls, but all are beautiful girls.

2. All 4 Mamamoo members are in the top 10

3. Irene and Seulgi are two completely opposite images, but the highest ranking.

4. Red Velvet and Mamamoo

5. As expected, there are many Mamamoo and Red Velvet members.

6. Once Jennie ranked #31, this ranking didn’t make much sense. I don’t have any feelings.

7. I’m curious about the male version

8. When I was chosen, Crystal was always ranked #1.

9. I don’t think it’s a surprise because they are very popular with their female fans.

10. I think Irene is ranked #1 but surprisingly ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ

11. I understand that Red Velvet and Mamamoo have a lot of female fans.