TOP 10 highest album sales of Korean singers of all time

#10 BTSLove Yourself: Tear (2018) 1.96 million copies
Title song: FAKE LOVE

#9 Byun Jin SubBack To You Again (1989) 1.98 million copies

#8 Jo Sung MoFor Your Soul (1999) 2.11 million copies
Title song: For your Soul

#7 Seo Taiji and BoysSeotaiji And Boys II (1993) 2.13 million copies

#6 Jo Sung MoLet Me Love (2000) 2.14 million copies

#5 Jo Kwan WooMemory (1995) 2.18 million copies

#4 BTSLove Yourself: Answer (2018) 2.34 million copies
Title song: IDOL

#3 Shin Seung HunShin Seung Hun V (1996) 2.48 million copies

#2 Kim Gun MoWrongful Encounter (1994) 2.86 million copies

#1 BTSMap Of The Soul : PERSONA (2019) 3.39 million copies
Title song: Boy With Luv

original post: theqoo

1.There are 3 BTS albums, crazy …

2. And I was wrong to think that Kim Gun Mo’s record would not be broken forever.

3. But I don’t know BTS songs

4. Let’s ignore all the negative comments. Honestly, BTS is great.

5. But I don’t listen to any BTS songs ~ I don’t even know their faces ~ There are a lot of people talking like this? If you don’t know BTS, show that you don’t care about popular culture today.

6. If you don’t know BTS’s song, you’re probably in jail.

7. I don’t know anything about albums of singers in the past, which is the generation difference. You don’t know about BTS album because you are old, but today many older people know and care about BTS.

8. In the online music era, BTS sold 3.39 million copies albums … …. It’s hard to do that these days ……… BTS is great ㅋㅋㅋ

9. If you don’t know what song BTS is, obviously you are older.

10. BTS has 3 albums here. If they release the next album, I think it will be in the Top 10.

11. If you don’t know BTS’s song here, you must be at least 40 years old.

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