Fans of BTS show that ‘systematic’ communication, The key to the success of the SNS era … One-way communication is ‘NO’

TOP 10 likes on Twitter, BTS shows how they communicate with fans

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1.[+1037, -8] BTS~ During BTS’ “Speak Yourself” performance at Rose Bowl Stadium in the U.S. on May 5, “I’ve always been your fan. Army. I hope there will be a concert held by Army someday. Then, I promise that 7 of us will definitely go and cheer for you. Thank you,” he said in a sincere note. I’m so touched~

2. [+533, -8] Look at #KimTaeArmy and BTS.

3. [+412, -4] No matter what BTS does, the world wants to pay attention to them

4. [+392, -5] BTS is called twitter warrior and the power of photos and videos on Twitter is huge. #ARMYConcertForTaehyung gave a hashtag and made you realize their popularity. Like the former president of the United States, they have 5 Twitter in the top 10. That’s great. I’m proud of you.

5. [+319, -4] I always support BTS fans who communicate and empathize with them.

6. [+49, -0] BTS’ communication attitude is really good. Instead of telling about yourself, they alway focuses on showing, listening, and sharing something new to his fans. Everything you need for communication is love.

7. [+41, -0] BTS is always interested in their fans and wants to be with them all the time.I can feel it right through sincere communication. I’m cheering for you with warm eyes to every corner of the concert.

8. [+29, -0] I’ve read the article that says they are worthy of President Obama. Please don’t get sick. I hope you can finish your tour and return home safely.

9. [+27, -0] Although BTS’ influence and popularity is great, are highly appreciated by experts, being a great artist. I think it’s because of their humility and warmth that don’t change even when they become famous. I’m very proud of you because of your heart towards the fans.

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