Top 10 most popular songs in early 2019 (You know how many of these?)

Top 10 most popular songs in early 2019

Sort by release time. Excludes sajaegi

M.C The Max – After You’ve Gone

Chungha – Gotta Go

Lee Sora – Song request


Hwa Sa – TWIT

JANNABI – For Lovers Who Hesitate

Jang Beom June – Every Moment With You

TAEYEON – Four Seasons

BOL4 – Bom

BTS – Boy With Luv

original post: theqoo

1.I have listened to all the songs except Lee Sora’s song

2. I only listen to BTS songs

3. Lee Sora’s Song request, Hwa Sa’s TWIT, Taeyeon’s Four Seasons and BTS’ Boy With Luv

4. I know all the songs

5. When I was working at a school in Seoul, I could hear all the songs here during lunch time.

6. I know all the songs except Jang Beom June’s song. I can’t understand why.

7. I know all the songs, but I only listen to Four Seasons ……..

8. I listen to Jannabi’s song thanks to BTS

9. I know all the songs but only put Jang Beom June’s song on the playlist.

10. I listened to all songs except M.C The Max’s song