‘Produce X 101’ the visual center selected by trainees is Jellyfish Kim Min Gyu

TOP 10 Visuals of 'Produce X 101' were voted by trainees
  1. Jellyfish Kim Min Gyu
  2. T.O.P Media Kim Woo Seok
  3. OUI Kim Yo Han
  4. Woollim Cha Junho
  5. Starship Gu Jungmo
  6. Plan A Choi Byungchan
  7. Starship Song Hyungjun
  8. Brand New Music Lee Eun Sang
  9. VINE Baek Jin
  10. Woollim Hwang Yunseong

original post: naver

1.[+1288, -35] Do you want to give that ranking to the guy from SkyCastle? I think it would be better to give more precious opportunities to talented people who sing and dance.

2. [+946, -48] Kim Min Gyu, he’s handsome, but that is not enough.

3. [+588, -70] It’s true of appearance, but charm is so so, and ability is serious.

4. [+590, -80] I see Kim Yo Han is good at every episode. Kim Min Gyu is really good at singing and dancing. The show is eliminating talented trainees.

5. [+267, -8] I personally like Lee Jin Hyuk as a trainee. He’s charming.

6. [+191, -10] Why are these kids so cute?

7. [+153, -4] Kim Min Gyu is handsome. Wow, his real skill is really serious.

8. [+151, -11] Rank 1 in my heart is Woo Seok

9. [+123, -7] You’re not good, but you have to be good at basic skills, and you’re not even good at school, they’re serious about visuals.

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