TOP 15 male idol fancams on Mnet channel

BTS V – Boy With Luv

BTS Jungkook – Boy With Luv

BTS Suga – Boy With Luv

BTS Jimin – Boy With Luv

BTS Jin – Boy With Luv

BTS J-Hope – Boy With Luv

BTS RM – Boy With Luv

TXT Yeonjun – Run Away

TXT Soobin – CROWN

Lai Kuanlin – I’m a star

X1 Han Seung Woo – FLASH

X1 Cho Seungyoun – FLASH

SF9 Rowoon – RPM

TXT Soobin – Run Away

DAY6 Dowoon – Sweet Chaos

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1. Jungkook’s fancams are always bright and pretty

2. Kim Taehyung is the best <3

3. Lai Kuanlin was really handsome that day

4. Jin was so handsome and cute that day

5. Soobin’s stage was legendary that day, I still remember his outfit.. His outfit was so pretty

6. Soobin is damn handsome.. He’s tall, but he dances well on stage

7. Yeonjun’s fancam was legendary

8. BTS members’ fancams are always the best to watch

9. I watched Yeonjun’s fancam more than 20 times just because of his blue hair

10. Cho Seungyoun’s stage is my favoriteㅋㅋ

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