Top 3 boy and girl groups with the most ads in the Seoul Subway

Boy groups

BTS (227)
EXO (165)
Wanna One (159)

Girl groups

IZ*ONE (40)
TWICE and BLACKPINK (both 22)

original post: theqoo

1. IZ*ONE is the rigged group, but they still have lots of ads

2. Wanna One disbanded in early 2019, and they’re in the top 3?

3. Wanna One ads are Wanna One members ads, right???

4. IZ*ONE’s domestic fandom is definitely the topㄷㄷ

5. As expected from BTS, they have a lot of fans..

6. BTS is another level…

7. IZ*ONE from the survival show, so they have a lot of ads.. But TWICE and BLACKPINK are amazing

8. They are the groups that are most popular

9. BTS is amazing

10. I envy them, their fandoms are amazingㄷㄷㄷㄷ