TOP 3 male and female idol dancers

Male idols: Kai, Jimin, Hoshi

Female idols: Lisa, Lee Chaeyeon, Seulgi

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1. [+561, -276] Kai, J-Hope, Hoshi / Chaeyeon, Lisa, Momo

2. [+397, -175] Chaeyeon, Lisa for female idols and Jimin, Kai, Taemin for male idols

3. [+297, -223] I personally think that your physicality is important, it makes your dance lines and movements look better and it helps your dancing skills too. For me, Kai, J-Hope and Rocky for male idols and Lisa, Chaeyeon and Seulgi for female idols.

4. [+211, -273] Red Velvet fans are always trying to include Seulgi in the top commentsㅋㅋ But no, the truth is that Momo dances better than her

5. [+175, -237] Chaeyeon and Kai are the best

6. [+147, -26] I agree with Lee Chaeyeon. Even choreographer Bae Yoon Jung acknowledged her

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