Top 3 most successful idols from SM

Kim Tae Hoon (pop music expert), Lee Jong Hyun (record producer), Kim Seong (famous music critic)
Ask the three experts, each of whom will choose the three most successful singers in SM




Kim Tae Hoon (pop music expert)
#2 BoA
#3 H.O.T.
In fact, most of us who have worked in the music industry for a long time will have similar thoughts.

Lee Jong Hyun (record producer)
#2 H.O.T.
#3 BoA
I think SM’s best idol is TVXQ!
TVXQ’s 4th album shows the peak of idol groups.
TVXQ and HOT have something in common
Both groups are the best idols of the first and second generation.

Kim Seong (famous music critic)
#1 BoA
#3 H.O.T.
The most successful idol in SM
I also think it’s BoA, H.O.T. and TVXQ.
Because they are the pioneers of the Korean K-POP Wave.

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1. Oh … I think it’s Girls’ Generation

2. It’s surprising that it’s not EXO or Girls’ Generation

3. It’s surprising that no Girls’ Generation

4. It’s the past, right? Now may be a little different… But the three groups are amazing

5. Oh … I just think about Soshi and EXOㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Perhaps that is my generation.

6. This is convincing, but it’s not uncommon for Soshi to take TVXQ’s place. Soshi is also popular in Japan and abroad.

7. TVXQ is also popular among Koreans, but their success in the Japanese market is huge. Because the concept of idols like Korea is not found in Japan. They are not only popular but also the pioneers.

8. The data is old, adding Soshi and EXO, so there are 5 groups

9. Because it’s an old document, adding Soshi here is perfect

10. EXO’s influence is lower than them, and even now EXO is still not in the top 3

11. BoA has sold 10 million albums in both Korea and Japan, and there are some famous hit songs.

12. TVXQ is famous not only in Japan but also in China. At that time, they were not only idols, but also symbols.

13. They are important figures in Korean music history.

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