Top idol groups surprise everyone because they haven’t received Daesang yet






original post: theqoo

1. It’s because in their era there was a group that did better than them…

2. BLACKPINK’s promotion period overlaps with BTS so it’s no big deal..

3. BLACKPINK is still doing well, they will get Daesang in the future

4. S.E.S. should have received Daesang during their 4th album promotions, but unfortunately they didn’t get it. It’s a pity that the album’s quality and sales were so good..

5. That’s because BLACKPINK didn’t attend the awards ceremony

6. That’s because there were much better and more famous singers at that time

7. BLACKPINK didn’t have better digital or better album sales than BTS, so how did they get Daesang? They would get it if they sold better than BTS, but no

8. I hope BLACKPINK gets Daesang one day, but T-ara shocked me..??? It’s a group with super hit songs

9. At that time, when I saw SNSD’s ‘The Boys’ get Daesang instead of T-ara, I was shocked

10. I thought BLACKPINK got Daesang through DDU-DU DDU-DU, but I guess they didn’t get it?