Treasure’s Bermuda visuals that suit everyone’s taste

For me, these 3 people are the Treasure’s Bermuda visuals. Everyone is saying that Treasure has no visuals, but just by looking at them, they have visuals that suit everyone’s taste

First of all, the powerful cold visual of Haruto

Elf visual Asahi

The handsome stan attractor Junkyu

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1.[+74, -0] The maknae Jung Hwan, he’s the perfect type of actor

2.[+63, -2] This one for today

3.[+59, -2] Sexy Jaehyuk

4.[+33, -2] Cute Park Jihoon

5.[+26, -24] The visuals are awesome, and the skills are so good

6.[+22, -0] Visual 01’ers..

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