TRCNG’s parents official statement

“Official statement from TRCNG parents.

Hello, we are the parents of TRCNG. Firstly, we wish to apologize to the fans who love TRCNG and express our gratitude for your constant support.

We, the parents of the eight members, have stayed in continued communication with the agency, and we have come to the agreement to trust and rely on each other in relation to the members’ activities, and work hard for TRCNG’s successful activities. Also, we plan to take active legal action against untrue information and false claims that have been previously made. It is unfortunate that rumors that are different from the truth are being spoken about.

We will work even harder with the agency for TRCNG’s successful activities. Please give your continued support.

Thank you.

TRCNG parents” cr

original post: theqoo

1. I’m even more shocked that TS is the one who released that

2. Aigoo… I feel so bad for the parents

3. Is it because the kids want this??? I can’t understand it.

4. Is that a parent letter? If the kids are in their 20s, their parents are at least 40 years old….;; But the letter is just like it was written by a young person.

5. No signatures of the parents so I doubt it ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I really don’t want to believe

6. TS is like a devil. Do you think it will be solved by giving something like this?

7. I don’t understand the thinking of the parents. TS is not a reliable company.

8. I feel bad for the kids and the parents, they can’t give up their dreams and file a lawsuit.

9. But those kids who are 00’er can come out and redebut and it’s still not too late either..

10. Lawsuits don’t end after 1 or 2 years and if the lawsuit lasts, you will get older.

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