TVXQ’s representative song

TVXQ's representative song

1. Hug

TVXQ's representative song

2. Rising Sun

TVXQ's representative song


TVXQ's representative song

4. Keep Your Head Down

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2. Keep Your Head Down

3. When it comes to TVXQ, I think of MIROTIC

4. Rising Sun~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

5. Hug or MIROTIC

6. Hug…. All members have perfect faces + creativity + cool choreography…. At that time when you made friends, the question was not which singer you like, but who you like in TVXQ?

7. MIROTIC, it’s the legend of all time, of course Hug is amazing

8. Hug

9. I’m a muggle, but I know Hug and MIROTIC

10. Keep Your Head Down, it’s their representative song in my heart

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