Yunho’s Instagram post

“Hello, This is Jung Yunho.
I’m sorry. I greatly disappointed everyone who has believed in me and supported me all this time.
More than anything, I am sincerely sorry and apologetic to all the medical staff who is putting forth effort while enduring this situation and everyone who has grown tired due to the COVID19.
I am so ashamed and angry at myself for not keeping the restaurant business curfew while meeting with a few friends and spending time chitchatting with them. I believe many people are angry with my wrong actions as well.
I am regretful and so apologetic for my wrong actions in not being more cautious and careful.
I will self-reflect on breaking the quarantine guidelines and I will follow the guidelines more thoroughly and think more deeply in my actions.
Once again, I’m truly sorry.” cr

original post: instiz

1. I know you are a good person, so please be more careful in the future

2. I know you are a good person. Be more careful in the future. I will always support you!

3. I think everyone forgives him.. Is this why a person’s image is important?

4. ㅠㅠ.. All the good images of him from the past are broken.. I’m disappointed

5. I won’t say anything more because you sincerely apologize. Be careful in the future

6. Nobody is perfect

7. Since he’s human, I think he can make a mistake at least once.. He posted an apology right away like this, I trust and support him

8. Everyone seems to make mistakes at least once in their life. I hope you will be more careful in the future

9. I can feel the sincerity. I support you

10. He sincerely reflects on himself and I believe he will show a better image. We support him

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