Tweet to the people being racist about Southeast Asians raising views for BLACKPINK’s MV

Every time there talks about BLACKPINK’s MV views, there’s has to be people mentioning Southeast Asians raising views.. Do you think that just because Southeast Asians are watching those MVs, it should be considered fake and a scam..? So only white people’s acknowledgement should be accepted to be considered worldwide?ㅋㅋ Koreans are getting racist treatment from white people, meanwhile they act like they’re white when being racist to others

original post: theqoo

1. Whether it’s views from Southeast Asia or Western countries, it’s great to be popular in any country..

2. But it’s true that most of their MV views are from Southeast Asia, but why are they mocking BLACKPINK for this?

3. Is it because Lisa is a Southeast Asian? Anyway, it’s good that BLACKPINK is so popular in Southeast Asia

4. But are they not popular in other countries except Southeast Asia? Why are they mocking BLACKPINK for being popular in Southeast Asia?

5. The reason people say that is because BLACKPINK fans always say that BLACKPINK is so popular in the US and the West, but the truth is that their MV views are mostly from Southeast Asia.

6. I love Southeast Asian fans, they always work hard to support their idols

7. I think BLACKPINK is popular in the US only after BTS. Should they be mocked for their popularity in Southeast Asia? BLACKPINK’s popularity in Southeast Asia is a plus, not a minus factor

8. Southeast Asians like K-pop so much. BLACKPINK is so popular all over the world, and they are more popular in Southeast Asia.

9. Why is BLACKPINK so popular in Southeast Asia? Although Lisa is Thai, what about other Southeast Asian countries? I guess BLACKPINK has something that Southeast Asians like

10. To be honest, K-pop’s YouTube views are mostly from Southeast Asia.

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