“TWICE and Rocket Punch’s Japanese member are forced to leave their group”, Japanese media reports untrue

TWICE and Rocket Punch's Japanese member are forced to leave their group, Japanese media reports untrue

Tokyo Sports said there were public criticisms of Takahashi Juri, 21-year-old, a member of Rocket Punch from Japan’s AKB48. It has also been reported that Korean public opinion requires 3 Japanese members of TWICE (Sana, Momo, Mina) to leave their group.

Japanese netizens commented, “They want to make money in Japan, but they don’t want Japanese people to make money in Korea.”

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1. [+154, -4] Japan is a country where fake news is sold. The Japanese people’s indifference also plays a part. Even though Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party has ruled for 70 years, his people are still in the same situation.

2. [+94, -6] Fans like TWICE 9-members more than anyone else, but only Korean and Japanese media are playing.

3. [+66, -4] Don’t touch TWICE.

4. [+48, -6] TWICE <3

5. [+36, -10] TWICE Sana <3

6. [+20, -1] Most Koreans love TWICE. TWICE’s anti, they’re everywhere, but we are cheering for TWICE now.

7. [+10, -1] Don’t touch TWICE with a strange article.

8. [+7, -0] What the f*ck are you talking about?

9. [+8, -2] If you touch TWICE, you will be ruined… Where the fake news come from;