TWICE ‘FANCY’ covered by Red Velvet and BLACKPINK was created using deepfake technology

Nayeon – Jennie
Jeongyeon – Jisoo
Momo – Lisa
Sana – Rosé
Jihyo – Wendy
Mina – Seulgi
Dahyun – Yeri
Chaeyoung – Irene
Tzuyu – Joy

original post: theqoo

1. Except for Nayeon-Jennie, everything looks real, it’s scary….

2. Oh I hate it, it’s scary

3. It’s scary and disgusting. Is there any way to prevent deepfake technology abuses?

4. I got goosebumps, technology is scary

5. Scary and weird

6. The video itself isn’t too dangerous and looks like a hilarious one, but this deepfake technology is terrifying…

7. Everything looks real except for Nayeon-Jennie;

8. Wow, it looks more real than I thought;;;

9. Sana-Rosé looks so real;;; This technology should not be abused….

10. I hate deepfake. Of course I don’t watch this video