“Mina-ya, we got 3 awards!” … TWICE was honored with 3 trophies including Music of the Year award [2019 Soribada Award]

TWICE got three trophies including the Music of the Year award, Popularity Award for female artists, and a Bonsang.

Winners of day 1 of 2019 Soribada Best K-Music Awards:

Rookie of the Year = ITZY
Rising Hot Star Band = N.Flying, Stray Kids
Voice Award = 2AM Changmin, Jeong Sewoon
Music Star Song Award = CLC
Artist Social Award = Hwasa
Trot Award = Jin Sung, Hong Jin Young
Best Trot Award = Tae Jin Ah
Performance Award = LOONA, ATEEZ
New Korean Wave Icon Award = Oh My Girl
New Korean Wave Artist Award = WJSN
Female Popularity Award = TWICE
Art-Trainer Award = Nam Woohyun, Weki Meki
Soribada New Wave Award = MONSTA X
Global Entertainer Award = Zero9
R&B Artist Award = Park Bom
Live Performance of the Year = Mamamoo
Music of the Year = TWICE
Bonsang = Chungha, Ha Sungwoon, Momoland, Mamamoo, TWICE

original post: naver

1. [+397, -38] Congratulations to TWICE for three trophies at Soribada!! Let’s make a big comeback in September, too.

2. [+257, -12] Congratulations on TWICE’s three trophies!! Mina, I miss you so much!!

3. [+203, -11] Hard work is bringing good results. Congratulations to TWICE for three trophies. Please continue to look forward to it.^^

4. [+172, -11] It’s just a sweep of TWICE!!

5. [+145, -8] TWICE is love.

6. [+56, -7] This is the national girl group ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+38, -0] Congratulations on your three trophies! Hey, Mina, you’re happy, right? I’ll wait until the day the 9 members are back on stage. I love TWICE.

8. [+36, -0] TWICE is the top star <3 <3 I look forward to your comeback.

9. [+35, -0] Congratulations on your three trophies!

10. [+32, -0] TWICE, congratulations!