TWICE members’ eyes

TWICE members' eyes

I like Jungyeon and Mina’s eyes

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1. I also like Jungyeon and Mina’s eyes but the members’ eyes are all beautiful

2. Jihyo’s eyes are so big

3. Why does everyone have beautiful eyes? Are they Disney princesses?

4. Sana’s eyes are really beautiful like a rabbitㅋㅋ

5. Mina and Jungyeon’s eyes are so beautiful. It’s not too big nor small

6. Tzuyu’s eyes are so beautiful, Nayeon looks like a rabbit

7. Jungyeon and Tzuyu’s eyes are so beautiful… Something that looks neat.

8. Jungyeon’s eyes are really attractive.

9. Tzuyu’s eyes are really amazing.

10. Jungyeon’s eyes are perfect … but Jihyo’s eyes surpass my style.

11. I personally like Chaeyoung’s eyes

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