TWICE Mina smile disappears

TWICE Mina is returning to Korea after taking a break at her own home in Japan.

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1. [+176, -16] Mina, cheer up. I will always support you.

2. [+66, -4] Mina, cheer up!

3. [+49, -6] Hey, Mina, why are you here already? And I missed you. Cheer up!

4. [+38, -5] I missed you, Mina.

5. [+14, -0] I hope you’ll come back like Mina before, who always smiles.

6. [+13, -3] I’m sorry, but Korea and TWICE’s agency also benefited from TWICE members, but Japan doesn’t have any benefits. Why do we keep talking about boycotting Japanese members even when she’s sick?

7. [+7, -2] I pray that Mina will regain her smile and be happier.

8. [+7, -2] I always cheer for you.

TWICE Mina at the airport today

original post: theqoo

1. My heart ached when I saw her like that …

2. Don’t hurt Mina…

3. Let her get a good rest. Why did you take such photos?

4. Mina, don’t get too sick, you can take a long rest, we can wait!

5. It seems that she can’t become part of the entertainment industry again.

6. The reporters are crazy. They are trying to photograph a sick child like that.

7. She still hasn’t recovered? It’s hard to look at the pictures. I just need to click on the topic and think it’s a healthy Mina.

8. She has a panic disorder. Why do you have to go and take a picture of her? I can feel how scared she is.

9. Better yet, she should rest with her family until she is completely healthy.

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