TWICE Nayeon’s hand size

Her hands are big and pretty

original post: theqoo

1. Her fingers are so pretty

2. I really envy her because I have small hands.. I want big and long hands ..

3. Her hands are big and pretty and her fingers are long

4. The fingers are long, not the palms are big, so her hands are so pretty

5. So the dance lines look better

6. Her hands are big, but her fingers are long, so her hands are so pretty

7. I wish she could play the piano with that hand

8. I really like big and pretty hands. The whole body looks elegant

9. Her fingers are long and her hands are big, so when she dances, it looks so cool and pretty

10. She’s not too tall, but it’s great that she has big hands and long fingers

11. The hand is big, but looks slender and the fingers are long, so it looks so elegant

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