TWICE, “Fancy You” highlight medley

TWICE released highlight medley for 'FANCY YOU'

Twice has released several previews of the new album ‘FANCY YOU‘ to be released on the 22nd.

JYP Entertainment (JYP) has released “FANCY” TEASER “ALBUM HIGHLIGHT MEDLEY” on various SNS channels of JYP and Twice on the 20th, two days before Twice comeback.

TWICE released highlight medley for 'FANCY YOU'

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1.[+54, -1] TWICE is the best.

2. [+29, -1] Fancy

3. [+24, -0] Fancy, I’m looking forward to listen to the highlight medley of the song. I’m really curious about the Fancy.

4. [+20, -0] All the songs is good?? TWICE fighting!!

5. [+14, -0] I really look forward to it

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