TWICE Japanese singles,「HAPPY HAPPY」,「Breakthrough」Music Video

original post: theqoo

1.My hobby is Breakthrough

2. Both are good.

3. If the video or second concept is done in Korea, it will be very popular.

4. And what are you doing? Good choreography and good song.

5. Both are good, but my hobby is Breakthrough.

6. The concept of the second song is crazy

7. Oh, but the choreography and the concept of the second song are crazy .. Let’s release a song like that in Korea.

8. I really like the second song, so please give me something in Korea!

9. I think songs and videos are really good.

10. Should have made the concept as ‘Breakthrough’ in Korea. The song is crazy, why don’t they release it in Korea ????????????

11. The choreography is really great.

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